Welcome from The Kingsley Leadership Academy


It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we welcome you to the Kingsley Leadership Academy, a leadership high school applying the Arthur Carmazzi Education Methodology.

This is not just a leadership high school for us but a mission, a mission to cultivate and nurture the future leaders of our world and it continues to rapidly change… leaders with vision who will have a great impact on industry, politics and technology… leaders who will bring humanity together to create a safe and harmonious global society… leaders who will support happiness and growth across borders, race, and social status.

We have created both a physical and psychological environment to support you to become these great leaders.

As a Kingslely leadership high school student, you will be placed in a “Hive” according to your motivational profile and personal interests, these Hives are:

  • Thinkers
  • Warriors
  • Futurists
  • Explorers
  • Guardians

Then you will be placed in a diverse “Wisdom Team” with 4 other students. Each of you will be responsible for the achievement and delivery of parts of the IGCSE accredited curriculum, each will research the current ideas and models, and break them to come up with your own BETTER more relevant models.

Your wisdom teams will have their own “HIVEPOD” to organize as you wish so it supports your success. You will be supported by coaches who will help you to understand new material and teach others. These coaches will work with you to become a great communicator and influencer and expand your ability to coach others. You will have access to clinics to support you with subjects that you have difficulty with.

You will be organizing the written work related to your multiple subjects into a single format that incorporates “story” and will be refined and published as a book by the end of your semester.

Yes, you will be a Published Author

And as you learn, you will teach the world and apply social media and viral marketing through your team’s weekly online show

Every week a representative from a company partner will share real problems from real organizations and compete with other Hives to come up with the best solutions – your learning is all connected to solve practical applications.

You will use your skills and learning to create and run real businesses… which are applied to your academic status.

There are many other unique factors designed into your experience at Kingsley Leadership Academy to bring out the best of YOU. As part an exclusive group of global students, you will work together achieve greatness in academics and real world results… and become life long friends in the process. And this is how empires are built.



With Gratitude,

Arthur Carmazzi and Tan Sri Barry Goh

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Our Curriculum

IGCSE Course outcomes will be integrated in a real world, personal interest focused approach.
Outcomes and connectivity elements will be clearly outlined for the students to develop their own lessons and projects.

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