The Purpose of Homework is to reinforce knowledge...
but the current system is not efficient according to research on how the brain retains information.
Homework is replaced by MODERN alternatives

At the Kingsley Leadership Academy, discipline and success are connected to structure and measurement… which are connected to Leadership Development. Weekly objectives are essential, students are accountable for completing and teaching lessons connected to the IGCSE guidelines… when students take the IGCSE tests, how well the knowledge is reinforced is a major factor in their success…

Here is how Knowledge reinforcement strategies are implemented at Kingsley:
  • Students researching the topic
  • Students connecting the topic with relevant interests of the group (we have already addressed this with the team structure)
  • Students connecting topics to practical application – i.e. English, math and history in their projects, their teaching, and in their books
  • No Homework, STORY – taking the lessons from the week and consolidating them into a story as part of each students Book which will be published at the end of the year
  • Students reviewing and editing their books before publishing (and before the IGCSE test)
  • Students weekly Youtube Channel where they consolidate important lessons and teach the world
  • Student applications to company partner case studies and recommendation reports and presentation to company partners
  • Students attending clinics (with coaches) if required

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Our Curriculum

IGCSE Course outcomes will be integrated in a real world, personal interest focused approach.
Outcomes and connectivity elements will be clearly outlined for the students to develop their own lessons and projects.

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