Kingsley Leadership Academy only accepts students
with leadership potential

As the system is designed to build accountability and requires the attitude to support others, we have a strict admission requirement.

This requirement does NOT include GRADE POINT AVERAGE!

We find that many students are extremely intelligent and have huge potential, but do not do well on tests and do not incorporate this into our enrolment assessment criteria. Kingsley’s mission is to develop student’s real potential regardless of what the current system defines their abilities.

Admission is guided by a 2 step process

  • The application questionnaire that allows us to identify if the student has the Leadership Aptitude and Cultural fit for the academy.
  • An interview with one of the school directors and Arthur Carmazzi personally

Grades are NOT a factor for admission

We are also giving up to 50 Scholarships and Bursaries for students who meet the “Greatness” criteria based on the online questionnaire and the interview.


School Fees
Year Group Termly (USD) Annual (USD)
Year 7 12,000 36,000
Year 8 12,000 36,000
Year 9 12,000 36,000
Year 10 12,667 38,000
Year 11 12,667 38,000
Year 12 13,334 40,000:
Year 13 13,334 40,000

Note: Fee shown above is inclusive of Boarding/meals/books/CCA.

School Fees School Fees
Application Fee (One-time) All applicants 500
Enrollment Fee (One-time) All applicants 2,000
International Administration Fee (One-time) International applicants only 800
Refundable deposit (One-time) All applicants Equivalent to one term’s fee
Resource fee (Annual) All applicants 1,000

Starting Year Group Placement

(revised in first quarter)
Date of Birth Age Academic Year 2018/2019
1 September 06 – 31 August 07 11+ Year 7
1 September 05 – 31 August 06 12+ Year 8
1 September 04 – 31 August 05 13+ Year 9
1 September 03 – 31 August 04 14+ Year 10
1 September 02 – 31 August 03 15+ Year 11
1 September 01 – 31 August 02 16+ Year 12
1 September 00 – 31 August 01 17+ Year 13

Placement into a year group is normally made according to date of birth but at Kingsley we do not evaluate students by their age and they may be placed in mixed age groups.
Placement in a year group will be confirmed upon admission.

Sibling Discounts
Sibling Discounts Discount on School Fees for siblings from the same family Second child onwards 10%

Scholarships for Non-academically Gifted Students

Not all gifted youth work well within the current academic system. The schools overlook other elements of potential greatness and tragically, most of these gifted students do not develop their true potential.

If your high school age Child is stressed with their school work (whether they get A’s or D’s), there are other more important factors that determine their potential for success and we are looking for these Gifted kids at Kingsley!

If your son or daughter is passionate about something, has lots of ideas or has ambitions to do big things… they may qualify for a scholarship or bursary at the Kingsley Leadership Academy, a high school specifically designed to develop leaders who will make a great impact on business, community, and the world.

To see if your son or daughter qualify, answer the questions here

50 Potential Great Leaders will be awarded

Scholarships are not dependent on grades, there is a very stringent criteria…
Do You Qualify?

Below average grades in School could mean you are a Conceptual GENIUS!

7 signs that determine if you have
more potential than others see

The Great
Education Hoax

12 Failures High Schools have that are setting students up for Mediocrity and the NEW Education Solution From Kingsley Leadership School

3 Modern Qualifiers Get Into The Best Universities

These new qualifiers are superseding how well students do on school placement tests with many top universities.

Our Curriculum

IGCSE Course outcomes will be integrated in a real world, personal interest focused approach.
Outcomes and connectivity elements will be clearly outlined for the students to develop their own lessons and projects.

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